JPEXS Flash Decompiler v20.1.0 Flash反编译工具 中文版

对于 Flash 反编译工具,当然小编之前也给大家分享过 Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3 汉化版,Flash Decompiler Trillix 5.3.1370 汉化版和国内比较火的闪客精灵相似。JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 中文版是一款基于 Java 平台运行的免费 Flash 反编译工具。在使用 JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler 之前你需要确认你的系统中是否安装的有 Java,如果没有可以下载安装。


SWF 为 FLA 转换
显示 ActionScript 源代码。
ActionScript 源实验直接编辑
支持 ActionScript1/2 和 AS3
点击反编译源凸显 P 码相关的指令,反之亦然
保存修改后的 ActionScript 到文件
显示 SWF 资源(图形,精灵,字体,按键…)
(在非 Windows 平台)
内置代理服务器而通过它来编辑 SWF 文件
基于 Java 代码,支持多种平台




Configurable tab size (formatting must be set to use tabs) - default matches indent size of 3
#2100 Copy/paste frames (same SWF only)
Updated portugese-brasil translation
AS3 Debugging - export/import ByteArray variable data
#2123 FLA export - show some progress info
Label that flex compiler is used (when it's enabled in settings)
#2119 Option to export assets with names like their assigned classes via SymbolClass, without character id
#2119 Bulk imported assets can also match filenames based on assigned classname, not just character id prefix
Debugger shows (logs) unhandled exceptions
#2129 MEMORY and STACK_SIZE parameters now can be set via external variables FFDEC_MEMORY, FFDEC_STACK_SIZE
Saving Harman encrypted SWFs
Editing encrypted flag on header panel
-encrypt command on CLI for Harman encryption
Apply unpacker menu on binary data
Harman unpacker for binary data
Multilevel binary data unpacking is possible
#2131 AS1/2 Debugger - show _root variable
#2124 Copy tags to other SWFs and replace same classes / export names
Remembering breakpoints
#2131 Breakpoint list dialog
ExportAssets tag - show first item as description in the tree when there is only single item
#2134 FLA Export - split main timeline into scenes when DefineSceneAndFrameLabelData tag is present
#2132 Show and export streamed sound (SoundStreamHead/SoundStreamBlock) in frame ranges (+ take scenes into account)
FLA export - show export time
#2138 Morphshapes - detect classic easing
FLA export - option to disable fixing of shapes
Scenes folder with (readonly) display of scene frames


#2021, #2000 Caret position in editors when using tabs and / or unicode
#2021 Indent continuation when using tabs
#2116 DefineEditText display - correct getting fonts
#2116 DefineEditText display - apostroph decoding
#2116 Apply colortransform after filters
#2116 Limit maximum number of box blur pixels
#2122 -header command did not support negative integers for displayrect
AS3 direct editation - namespaces were initialized in class initializers
Debugging - do not invoke getter when there is none - avoid freezing
Debugging - properly getting variable value through getter
#2123 FLA export - IndexOutOfBounds in shape fixer
#2123 FLA export - morphshapes fixer
#2111 AS3 direct editation - access class in class initializer
#2111 Flex AS3 editation - use SWF dependencies defined in GUI
SWF dependencies label was not updated on startup
#2127 Wrong parameter order in AS1/2 P-code Action GetURL2 documentation
#2025, #2078, #2053 Problems starting the app on Windows when the username has unicode characters
Incorrect debugger line numbers when "Open loaded while playing" is enabled
AS3 debugger - Slow injecting debug info - now faster
AS3 debugger - obfuscated classes debugging
Delayed open loaded SWFs while playing
AS3 Direct editation - script initializer for main document class
AS3 Debugging - activation object was not visible in locals
Linenumbers are visible even if debug markers are used
Marker of stack frames not properly cleared
Retain AS3 script selection in the tree after its editation and saving whole SWF
#2131 AS1/2 Debugger - Breakpoint handling - incorrect script names
#2131 Debugger - Correct walking variables tree
#2131 Debugger - Breakpoints can be added while SWF is running (not just on pause)
AS3 Direct editation - types on instance variable values not properly resolved
AS1/2 Debugger - script was cleared on stop button
AS1/2 Vanishing source code in some cases
AS1/2 Debugger tooltips exception
#2131 UseOutline flag for DefineEditText
Wordrapping long words in DefineEditText
#2133 Linux/Mac - not correctly parsing java build number on javas without it
#2135 FLA Export - framescripts handling when addFrameScript uses Multinames instead of QNames
#1194 FLA Export - stream sound export
#2136 FLA Export - optimized Shape fixer speed, repeated shape on timeline not exported twice
#2139 FLA Export - labels layer not counted as layer index causing masked layer parentindex wrong
#2138 Nested clipping (masks) display
#2138, #2156 FLA Export - Missing morphshapes (incorrect holes calculation)
#2138 FLA Export - Mask layer was visible when did not contain a masked layer
FLA Export - frame numbering problem
#2145 FLA Export - missing frames, cliping layers order, nullpointer, empty sound layers
#2142 XML Export - string values containing only spaces
AS3 - Nullpointer in MethodBody when no ABC set
#2148 AS2 Uninitialized class fields detector
#2148 AS1/2 callmethod by register value
#2148 AS2 Do not return undefined for setters
#2143 FLA Export / Sound playback - taking MP3 initial latency into account
#2153 FLA Export - sound streams were limited to first stream block
#2163 FLA Export - maintain sound export settings for streams
[#2162] Debugger - ignore (warn) invalid jumps when injecting debug info
AS3 - extra newlines on methods which use activation
[#2162] AS3 switch inside foreach
[#2162] AS3 try inside foreach
[#2152] FLA Export - wrong nonlibrary shapes detection
[#2147] Display of empty video
Saving SWFs opened by "Open loaded while playing" feature


[#2120] Exported assets no longer take names from assigned classes if there is more than 1 assigned class
#2127 AS1/2 P-code Action GetURL2 switched parameters back - correct order is (loadVariablesFlag, loadTargetFlag, sendVarsMethod),
code from 19.1.x to 20.0.0 is still accepted
Wrong unicode escape {invalid_utf8:xxx} changed to {invalid_utf8=xxx} for compatibility with file names

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