WhyNotWin11 v2.6.0.0 Windows11安装环境检测工具

最近 WIN 11 发布了测试版,但是许多电脑确不能安装,官方虽然有检测软件,但是确不好用,只告诉你不能安装,却不告诉你不能安装的原因,而 WhyNotWin11 出现就是为了解决此问题。

WhyNotWin11 v2.6.0.0 Windows11安装环境检测工具

更新日志 comes with the following changes:

  • Minor Translation updates
  • Fixes UNC paths for /exporting
  • Updated Fallback Processor Lists
  • Adds Rounded Corners for Windows 11
  • Adds Company Name for some Updaters
  • Excludes DisplayLink USB devices from GPU footer
  • Shortens Motherboard footer for ASUS, Gigabyte, Microsoft, MSI, and Oracle Devices

Additionally, WhyNotWin12.com and WhyNotWin12.org have been registered for potential upcoming OSes but are not yet live.


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