VidCoder v9.17 开源视频编辑工具 中文多语版

VidCoder 是适用于 Windows 的开源 DVD/蓝光翻录和视频转码应用程序。 它使用 HandBrake 作为其编码引擎。Vidcoder 是一款免费开源的视频下载、编辑、配字幕、上传于一体的工具,能应用于DVD/蓝光视频的抓取和转码操作,更重要的是可以导入字幕并进行校队,目前支持中文语言包,操作上更显便捷。


MP4、MKV 容器
H.264、H.265、MPEG-4、MPEG-2、VP8、Theora 视频
使用 AMD VCE、Nvidia NVENC 和 Intel QuickSync 进行硬件加速编码
AAC、MP3、Vorbis、AC3、FLAC 音频编码和 AAC/AC3/MP3/DTS/DTS-HD 直通



First v9 Stable release, that brings all of the v9 Beta work over to the Stable track.

  • HandBrake core changes:
    • Added AMD VCN AV1 encoder
    • Added NVIDIA NVENC AV1 encoder
    • Added support for SVT-AV1 multi-pass ABR mode
    • Full list of changes:
  • Enabled NVDec hardware decoding, supported only when using an NVEnc encoder and with the right hardware.
  • Added an option to remove the cap of 3 simultaneous NVEnc encodes. Only those that have custom NVidia drivers that remove the cap should choose this.
  • Increased the maximum simultaneous encode setting cap to 16.
  • Added log window virtualization. This should greatly reduce memory use and prevent hangs when using Extended logging.
  • Added the option to use a polling folder watcher (Global options ➡️ Advanced ➡️ Watcher mode). This is a slower, less efficient way of detecting files in watched folders, but is a good option if you find the regular watcher is not functioning.
  • Updated Global Options to immediately apply changes.
  • Added shortcuts to the Encoding Settings and Picker windows from the Global Options window. It includes desriptions to help people find settings they are looking for.
  • Added more checks around the file save dialog, retrying without an initial directory or file name when it fails. This fixes a potential crash on an invalid folders.
  • Added a Picker ability to choose titles based on the width or height.
  • Changed to delay the allow sleep operation until after the post-encode triggers have had a chance to execute. This should fix an issue where the system would sleep instead of shutting down as configured.
  • Added option to restart on encode/queue complete.
  • Removed restriction on setting another subtitle as Default when a track is burned in.
  • Added "None" option for automatic audio track selection.
  • Added checkbox in Global Options to quickly enable or disable auto-pause on process.
  • Added "pause" and "resume" commands to VidCoderCLI.exe.
  • When editing a queue item, the original preset name is now shown first, "Old preset - Restored from Queue" rather than just showing "Restored from Queue".
  • A bunch of bug fixes


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