Shotcut v24.01.28 开源视频剪辑软件 便携中文版


Shotcut v24.01.28 开源视频剪辑软件 便携中文版













通过NTSC监视器上的Blackmagic Decklink卡进行外部监控,额外系统显示/监视器上的外部监视,UI主题/皮肤:本机操作系统外观和自定义暗和亮


Blackmagic Design SDI和HDMI用于输入和预览监控,用于慢进/快速控制的Leap Motion


New Stuff

  • Added Player > Loop (\) and Player > Set Loop Range to the menu and player controls.
  • Added Timeline > Selection > Group/Ungroup (Ctrl+Gcommand+G on macOS).
    This is basically a saved multi-selection system. So, the operations it supports are all those available for multiple selection. That does not include trim, Filters, or Properties at this time.
  • Added support for multiple selection to Split At Playhead.
  • Added Timeline > Edit > Split All Tracks At Playhead (Shift+S).
  • Added Edit > Undo and Redo support for adding, removing, changing, and disabling Filters.
  • Added Timeline > Edit > Nudge Forward (.) and Nudge Backward (,).
  • Added Pause and Resume to the context menu in Jobs.
  • Added Settings > Backup with options for:
    • Manually
    • Hourly
    • Daily (default)
    • Weekly
      This creates a backup of the current project file in a manner similar to File > Backup and Save except it is automatic now unless Manually is chosen.
  • Added File > Other Versions submenu that tries to find similarly-named project files in the same folder create by Shotcut backup or recovery mechanisms.
  • Added Settings > Player > Audio API on Linux and Windows.
    Basically, this makes the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option available in the Settings menu.
  • Added a Previous button to View > Application Log dialog that goes to the log file created by the previous app session.
    Now, on startup, Shotcut makes a backup of shotcut-log.txt to shotcut-log.bak.
  • Added a Copy button to all text viewer dialogs that does the same thing that the non-obvious Select All and Copy actions in the context menu.

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed a possible crash when opening project.
  • Fixed a crash in Playlist > menu > Add Selected to Slidewhow when something is playing.
  • Fixed a possible crash in Timeline > Split or trim actions if the clip has certain filters with keyframes.
  • Fixed some bugs in Undo after moving clips on the Timeline.
  • Fixed sometimes (25 fps) frames are dropped and others repeated in Export on macOS.
  • Fixed proxy generation failing with NVENC if Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder is on.
  • Fixed proxy generation failing for videos with full range color on macOS with Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder turned on.
  • Fixed 10-bit Export with NVENC (NVIDIA) encoders.
  • Fixed Layers > New > Emoji is disabled in Glaxnimate on Windows.
  • Fixed distort mode in Size & Position GPU filter.
  • Fixed zombie values in Time Remap filter while working with keyframes.
  • Fixed saving B frames in custom Export preset with hardware encoder.
  • Fixed toggling Export > Use hardware encoder resets all options to defaults.
  • Fixed Export > Each Playlist Item > Directory incorrectly shows a filename.
  • Fixed intermittent crash moving a clip on the Timeline.
  • Fixed Playlist > Select All and Remove All are disabled until selection changes.
  • Fixed some filter parameters' sliders may overflow using new keyframe easings that over- or under-shoot.
  • Changed the name of the Declick time filter to Declick Audio.
  • Changed the player controls to automatically adapt to 2 rows so the In Point and Selected Duration show more reliably.
  • Changed the low memory warning dialog to automatically close itself when the free memory becomes high enough.
  • Changed the low memory detection to automatically pause and resume a currently running job as the free memory becomes too low and then high enough again.
  • Changed Timeline > Detach Audio to automatically create a group.
  • Changed the Jobs log viewer to automatically and scroll to the end if it is left open while a job is running.
  • Changed the Slideshow Generator to remember all options.
  • Changed the splitter between UI panels to be easier to find and grab to drag.


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