WindTerm v2.6.0 远程连接工具 便携版

WindTerm 是一款多功能的 SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp 客户端。

WindTerm v2.6.0 远程连接工具 便携版


支持 sftp 窗口/ZMODEM
终端支持远程模式/本地模式(支持 vim 操作)
支持 SSH 代理转发
实现了 SSH v2, Telnet, Raw Tcp, Serial, Shell 协议
支持 Windows Cmd, PowerShell, Cmd, PowerShell
支持 Linux bash, zsh, powershell core
支持 MacOS bash, zsh, powershell core


  • [EXPLORER] When the state of the session changes, the session nodes in the Explorer Pane also adjust the color and style of the text, such as displaying a strikethrough when a session is deleted.
  • [FILER] Supports Sync Terminal Folder.
  • [FILER] Supports specifying default editors for systems WindowsmacOS and Linux respectively.
  • [FILER] Support the display, execution, and transmission of macOS bundles.
  • [FILER] Supports Preserve original file modification time, selected by default, and Preserve original folder modification time, not selected by default.
  • [GUI] Enables bracket pair colorization, enhancing text readability by visually highlighting paired brackets.
  • [GUI] Strictly differentiate between the left and right Alt keys, reserving the right Alt key for use as the Altgr key.
  • [GUI] Record and automatically use the previously activated tab in the login wizard dialog.
  • [GUI] The Session tree in the Session Pane supports moving nodes through drag and drop.
  • [GUI] Added Move To... to the context menu of the Session tree in the Session Pane to support moving selected nodes.
  • [GUI] Supports duplicating the selected group nodes and their child session nodes in the Session Pane.
  • [GUI] Supports Copy text if selected, otherwise paste text when right-clicking the mouse.
  • [GUI] Change Select Fold to Select Command in the right-click menu and add the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+/.
  • [GUI] Change Goto Folder Header and Goto Next Folder Header to Goto Previous Command and Goto Next Command in the right-click menu and enhance the reliability of jumping to commands.
  • [GUI] Display the scanning progress of files and folders during the transfer preparation phase.
  • [GUI] Supports highlighting text manually.
  • [GUI] Supports instant highlighting of all instances of the current selection.
  • [GUI] Added Duplicate SSH channel to the custom mouse actions of the tab.
  • [GUI] Use Paste Selected Text instead of Copy And Paste to ...


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