Supermium v122.0.6261.85 浏览器 谷歌浏览器的修改版

Supermium 是一款基于谷歌浏览器的修改版,最大的特点是能让你在 Windows xp 或者 Windows 7 体验最新 Chromium 内核。

Supermium v122.0.6261.85 浏览器 谷歌浏览器的修改版


Supermium 122.0.6261.85
Here are the following changes in this release:

-Renderer stabilization on Windows 7
-A new XP-compatible installer. The installer can optionally create shortcuts and install the Noto Emoji font for emojis to appear on older operating systems
-Change in base of chrome.dll on 32 bit Windows to ensure reduced memory usage
-Printing should now be functional on Windows XP
-Stabilization of tasks such as 8K video viewing and large downloads from MEGA in 64 bit Supermium
-Improvements in GDI rendering on web pages
-Native tooltips are restored (standard on Windows 7 and below, optional on Windows 8 and above, using --legacy-tooltips-win). This will eliminate issues with the tooltips being hidden behind the window

-Several new flags from ungoogled-chromium:
--custom-ntp is updated to feature the bookmark bar by default. The flag --bookmark-bar-ntp can toggle this functionality if the user wishes for it to be disabled.

A new flag to disable the PWA install icon prompt which appears in the address bar on certain web pages:
--disable-pwa-install-prompt ...


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